Mr.Sidhu has taught at the following academic institutions:

Harvard University Stanford University Penn-Wharton UC Berkeley Santa Clara University


Mr.Sidhu has delivered keynote speeches and presentations to audiences including:

Harvard University TD Bank Nokia Deloitte CocaCola Swisscom 3M
Stanford University Westpac Genentech E_Y Visa Bell Canada Johnson_Controls
Penn-Wharton Principal Financial Group Autodesk KPMG Emirates Telstra Emerson
UC Berkeley BBVA Altera Simmons _ Simmons Starbucks KPN BAE
Brown University National Australia Bank Infineon Randstad CVS Portugal Telecom Barco
Georgetown University Investec Xerox LexisNexis Woolworths aus australia Orange Pitney Bowes
Ohio State University Danske Bank FXPAL GE healthcare HSM TDC Spirit
IE Business School Transunion Konica minolta Intermountain Kalder Telecom New Zealand Egged
Santa Clara University Huntington NNIT Mercy Intereconomica Viettel Rio Tinto
California State Univ Bangkok Bank CDW Ascension ACEO PLDT queiroz galvao
University of North Dakota Bank Leumi Comstor Shriners Financial Execs Intl ATEA Mubadala
Minnesota State University Saxo Bank Insight St. Jude AMA JN Data SE

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